ABOUT US                
Allegra James is an elevated American footwear brand that strikes the balance between femininity, sophistication and playfulness. Designed and lead by footwear veterans, Annelie Hofstom and Tom Lindsay, the Allegra James collection is an eclectic, yet refined mix of elegant details and global influences.  With over fifty years of combined experience in luxury Tom and Annelie have created a collection with a designer aesthetic and approachable elegance.    
Inspired by timeless style, Allegra James provides iconic pieces that will feel as current now as they will in seasons to come.

At Allegra James, we feel that every women should feel beautiful, both inside and out. And because one in five Americans live with a mental health condition—women included—receiving treatment that helps us live our fullest lives is more crucial than ever.

This is why we’re taking the step to shine a light on the subject of mental health while helping to reduce the stigma surrounding the issue by supporting NAMI the National Alliance on Mental Health Illness

Social media may feature a constant stream of images of women with seemingly perfect lives and bodies, but we hope the women who love our shoes will embrace the imperfections that make each one unique and beautiful in their own way. Our valued Allegra James customers should feel empowered and unapologetic when they wear our shoes, regardless of their shape or shade or age.